Accent Graphix Design Studio offers fast, reliable and secure CDN web hosting services. A CDN is a service that helps improve the download speed of static assets such as large image or video files associated with your website. This makes static assets, which are generally large files like images, physically closer to users and therefore faster to download. As a CDN disperses assets across several server locations, the weight of your site is also distributed better during times of high traffic. 

Most of our web design clients host their websites with us, and some clients have come to us because their current web host company’s servers just plain sucked.  Whatever the reason, you can rely on our hosting, as it is up and active 99.99% of the time.  

Why do you need web hosting?

Because Web hosting allows you to make your website accessible via the World Wide Web. Without it, your website is not “on the internet”, but just on your local computer and potential customers cannot visit your website on the Internet

Why use CDN?

The first (and probably most important) reason to use a CDN is because it provides an easy way to increase the speed of your websites while also lowering the latency.

60+ web performance experts were interviewed and were asked about common mistakes they see people making when it comes to web performance. Andreas Grabner, a performance expert at Dynatrace, mentioned that a common one is that people don’t have proper cache layers…  CDN.

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Differences between CDNs and web Hosting

  1. Web hosting is used to host your website on a server and let users access it over the internet. A content delivery network is about speeding up the access/delivery of your website’s assets to those users.
  2. Traditional web hosting would deliver 100% of your content to the user. If they are located across the world, the user still must wait for the data to be retrieved from where your web server is located. A CDN takes a majority of your static and dynamic content and serves it from across the globe, decreasing download times. Most times, the closer the CDN server is to the web visitor, the faster assets will load for them.
  3. Web hosting normally refers to one server. A content delivery network refers to a global network of edge servers which distributes your content from a multi-host environment

“Accent Graphix Design Studio did a phenomenal job on our website. Carla was very intuitive with the design and her expert advice was helpful in making sure everything was included. She went above and beyond what was asked and what we expected and we would highly recommend her services.”

Michelle Kussow, The Capitol Group
Google Reviewer