One Page Websites and Landing pages

Accent Graphix develops one page websites, with scrolling navigation features for individual sections on one page.   Perfect for that small business who wants an internet presence, but without the pricetag of a full website.

In the world of web design, onepage websites are one trend that’s growing due to its functionality. In essence, it’s a site that presents all of your content onto one long, scrolling page.   As always, our one-page websites all come with SSL Encryption and are GDPR Compliant. 

There are many reasons one could require a one page website or landing page:

  • You’re a small start up business and don’t have a large budget to spend on a full website
  • You are changing domain names and want to use a “landing page” one page website to re-direct people to your new domain name
  • You’re using Google Ads and need a landing page designed to convert visitors into leads
  • Simplicity

We are experienced with building landing pages quickly that are integratable with anything you are implementing.