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Your brand’s story can come to life.

Every day, 2.5 billion monthly Facebook users, trillions of tweeters and an estimated 264 million IG’ers are posting #nofilter selfies and looking at social media.

Everyone and their mother is posting stories of their #SundayFunday.

In the sea of social, you’re faced with the daunting task of standing out — and it’s sink or swim.  What you need to stand out isn’t a flood of tweets. It’s not a campaign with the words Netflix or lit (please, don’t say lit).

You need a team of social natives on your side — a team that knows the latest trends and is constantly pushing your brand to the next level. Strategists who think in hashtags and creatives who speak in 280 characters or less. A team of internet experts who will dig deep into your audience/industry to create content that inspires and make it their mission to elevate your brand on any channel.  From Instagram to Facebook to Tik Tok and beyond. 

Lucky for you, you’re in the right place.

Carla Scholz (Owner) Accent Graphix, who designed our website and who has been doing all of our amazing social media posts recently, has been putting together these videos!  Carla is outstanding!!!! 

We are so thankful for her hard work and incredible talent as our on-line exposure has risen dramatically, including our enrollment due to her talents and the exposure she has given us within our on-line rankings!  Thank you so much, Carla!!!!!!!!  We are so grateful!!!!

Lynn Lanning, Owner/Business Manager
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