Are you a new business owner and wondering why professional graphic/web designers charge so darn much when your third cousin’s neighbors sons husband can do it for $50?  Or are you wondering why it’s so important to hire a professional web designer when you can go right onto WIX and do it yourself with one of those drag-and-drop web builders?

I’ve seen a lot of business owners try to build their own website or design a logo themselves (or hire their cousin’s neighbors son) to save a few bucks, only to regret it later when they finally look around and realize how much more professional their competitors marketing collateral is compared to theirs.


  • Anyone can hit a nail but that doesn’t make them a builder.
  • Anyone can take a knife to your leg (well maybe not me because I’m not good with blood) but that doesn’t make them a surgeon.

Designers are trained in design. Web Developers are trained in coding and development.

Usually, these professionals have been doing it long enough to have been through various stages of trial and error to know what works and what doesn’t.

Do you really want to hire that untrained person….waste your time, and your money and in 3 months be back to where you started because you’re not getting what you wanted or expected?  And then back to hiring the real professional to do the job they could have done in the first place?

There is always someone who can do it cheaper.


There are many variations to the saying:
“You get what you pay for”
“You won’t ever get something for nothing”
“Good isn’t cheap, and cheap isn’t good”,

and in almost every case these statements are true.

Case Study:

I had a client call me recently because she “desperately needed a logo designed for her new spa.”  She had been talked into hiring the daughter of her builder and wasn’t happy with the logo examples she was getting.

She actually asked me “Is it possible to get a logo designed with two different colors of my choice?”

I hesitated (just imagining the experience she may have just been through) and said “um, YES! Of course, it is!!!”

Fast forward one week and after receiving 3-4 logo “comps” from me, her response was “I am SO glad we hired you, we should have just done this in the first place and saved ourselves a month of downtime.”

Needless to say, I designed a colorful logo representing “Fire & Ice”, as she requested.   Since then and because she was so happy with her new logo, she has hired me to develop her website for both of her businesses.

Aesthetically speaking, it’s fundamentally necessary to hire a professional to design an overall consistent style that embodies your business and brand. Erratic design elements across your various social media channels, website, and content will make it difficult for you to build and sustain brand recognition.

The logo designer can be someone in-house, a freelancer, or a design firm – doesn’t matter.  As long as it’s someone with actual graphic design capabilities doing the logo for you.

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

Here at Accent Graphix, we’re trained professionals!
We know what works and what doesn’t!
Get it done right the first time!!
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